Sunday Morning

The performances on Eric Lindell & The Sunliners' Sunday Morning, like its individually

stamped, limited edition pressing, are hand hewn by the man himself.

A curation of Lindell's favorite cuts by artists like Billy Preston, George Jones,

Merle Haggard, Faron Young, Earnest Tub, Duke Bardwell, Ronnie Milsap

and featuring Texas blues master Anson Funderburgh on guitar,

the album oozes the confident, effortless soul of its mastermind.

It's classic R&B tightness - the result of the stellar Sunliners - is expertly

juxtaposed with the record's laissez-faire feel.

And at the end of the day, isn't that the mark of great art?

The ability to make something to look, or sound, easy?

To appear simple, while all the while there is great care underpinning its nonchalance?

Such is the case with Sunday Morning...

Artistic pedigree established, more than anything Sunday Morning knows how to party.

It's a stoned grin of an album, one that was likely as fun to make as it is to hear - and that

comes through. It comes through the perfect whispered nothings of Funderburgh's guitar.

Through the razor sharp interplay of the Sunliners'

rhythm section, and through the perfectly slurred soul of Lindell's delivery.

Hell, it practically comes through the damn album cover.

So, if you're at Jazz Fest in New Orleans or at one of the band's upcoming dates and

are lucky enough to grab one of the 555 of these the band produced, you'll

be able to transform any day, even a Monday, into a sweet, lazy... Sunday Morning.